Connection with Measuring Devices Connection with measuring instrument by Bluetooth

About Measuring device connection function

CheX has a function that will support your measuring work.(※)
And the “Measuring Devices Connection Function” is the function to connect CheX with the following measuring instruments that support Bluetooth connection, and it helps you when you do the following.
※These functions are free option.A separate subscription is required to use this service.

 1) Automatic acquisition of measurement values ​​measured by a measuring instrument into CheX
 2) Determining if the specified criteria are automatically met at the time of acquisition
 3) Automatically input the measurement results to the form

This feature offers the following benefits:
 ・ Prevention of transcription error of measurement value by automatic capture function
 ・ Minimization of measurement work by eliminating the need to write measurement values ​​
 ・ Reduction of reciprocation on site and office for re-measurement by automatic measurement value judgment function at measurement
 ・ Reducing work load by automatic creation of forms and reports

In the future, we plan to increase the number of devices that can connect with CheX.

Available Devices

Currently, the following measuring instruments are available.

● Windows / Mac Ver 2.21.0 or later
● iOS Ver 3.7.0 or later