Notification of new feature addition [iOS Ver3.24.0 / PC Ver2.37.0]

1. Pin video

You can now add videos in pins in addition to photos.
It can be used in scenes where you want to convey the sound and atmosphere, such as during inspection work.
* In the case of a 2D file, it can be added to normal memo pins, measurement points, and pins on the map.
* BIM files can be added to points, coloring, and groups.
* On the PC client, you can view the pin video after downloading it.

1-1. Add a video in the pin (Example: In the case of a normal memo pin)
Open the pin details screen from your smart device and tap the video button.

Tap the record button to start video recording.

When the recording is finished, the video will be added to the photo information list.
* Movie recording will end automatically after 30 seconds.

1-2. Change the video resolution
You can change the resolution of the video.
Please change it according to the communication environment, such as when it takes time to send and receive.
* The default setting is “320 x 240”.

Open the settings screen and tap “Video recording resolution”.

Tap the resolution you want to change to change the resolution.

1-3. Change whether to acquire / not acquire videos when downloading files such as drawings
From the setting screen, you can switch the check of “Get video when downloading”.
When ON: Acquires the video when downloading the file.
When OFF: The video is not acquired when downloading the file.
* The default setting is OFF. If you want to get a video when downloading a file such as a drawing, switch it to ON.

2. About the login screen of the PC client

When you start CheX, the login screen is now displayed with the project you logged in to last time selected.

3. CheX BIM

3-1. Supports IFC files output from CADWe’ll Tfas
Added support for IFC files output from CADWe’ll Tfas.
In addition, IFC files and Revit files output from Rebro are supported.

3-2. Selection color and opacity of parts in BIM file
It is now possible to change the selected color when selecting a member from the setting screen and the opacity when the hidden member is displayed semi-transparently (ghost display).

3-2-1. Change the selected color of the member
You can open the BIM file and set the selected color from “Display” on the setting screen.

When you select a color, the selected color changes.

3-2-2. Change the opacity when displaying ghosts
You can open the BIM file and set the ghost from “View” on the setting screen.

Ghost display: You can select whether to display the hidden parts semi-transparently.
Opacity: You can change the opacity of the ghost display.

   * When only “equipment / equipment” is displayed by the filter function and the ghost function is turned on.

3-3. About reading QR code of BIM file
The in-camera can now be used on the QR code reading screen.
Please use it in places where it is difficult to shoot while looking at the screen with the rear camera, such as the bottom of the member.

3-4. About group saving of BIM files
When the pipes are saved in the group by the pipe pressure inspection, the bird’s-eye view information diagram is automatically created.
This prevents omission of creation of bird’s-eye view information diagram.

3-5. About BIM file property panel font size
You can now change the font size in the properties panel.

3-6. About the cross section box
By using the section box, you can view the entire model in section.

3-6-1. Browse drawings using section boxes
Open the BIM file and tap the section box button.

Select the face in the cross-section direction and select the center or floor from the pull-down menu of the controller.

The section model at the selected position is displayed.