Notification of new feature addition [iOS Ver3.21.0 / PC Ver2.34.0]

1. About sleeve inspection

1-1. Addition of form for sleeve inspection
Enter measurement mode and tap the + button.
* You need to apply for an option to use the measurement function.
* You can also add a form for sleeve inspection from a PC client.

Select and add a sleeve inspection.

Enter the required items and tap Next.

Enter the required items and tap the add button.


1-2. Addition of measurement points
If you add a form for sleeve inspection, it will be displayed in the list.
Select the form for sleeve inspection from the list and add the measurement point to the target location.

Then tap the measurement point and enter the measurement and planning information.

When the input screen is closed, the color of the measurement point changes as shown in the image.

The color of the frame and point of the measurement point changes depending on the measured value.


1-3. Bulk import of measurement points
Open the target file on the PC client and select the form for sleeve inspection.
Click Import measurement data in the upper right.
* This function is available only for PC clients.

Drag and drop the CSV onto the screen and enter the required items.
After entering, click the Next button.

After confirming that the import contents are correct, click the import button.

After the import is completed, the measurement points will be added as shown in the image.
Also, if the linkage key is assigned individually, the same linkage key information can be updated by editing the CSV and then importing it again.


2. Supports new blackboard sleeve inspection

2-1. About the new blackboard
Displays the shooting screen for the blackboard.
Tap Get from template.

The three blackboards displayed have been added.
Select this blackboard and download it.

Select the target blackboard and tap the select button.

When using with the sleeve inspection function, the information on the form header and the planned value of the measurement point is automatically reflected in each blackboard item, so shooting time can be shortened.