[Notice of new functions] It is now possible to link with “Mirumiru-kun pressure tester III”

It is now possible to link Bluetooth with REX INDUSTRIES “Mirumiru-kun Pressure Tester III”.
This allows CheX to receive, record, and pass / fail judgment of the measured values acquired by “Mirumiru-kun Pressure Tester III”
In addition, since it is possible to create a table, it is possible to reduce the labor of measurement work of the conventional pipe pressure test.


Measurement service function “Piping pressure” measurement can receive, record, pass / fail, and book output.


Measured value reception screen


Display of measurement results and judgment

For inquiries regarding this matter,
Please contact CheX User Support Center by telephone or inquiry form.

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 ・ Telephone: (+81)-45-680-5322(International Call) (Mon.-Fri. 9 am to 5:30 pm/JST)
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* Since REX INDUSTRIES Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of measuring instruments,
 Please contact the CheX User Support Center above for details regarding this collaboration with CheX.