Notification of new feature addition [iOS Ver3.9.0 / PC Ver2.23.0 released]

1. The maximum number of pages that can be converted has been increased to 500 pages.(iOS/PC)

The maximum number of pages that can be converted has been increased to 500 pages. The target file format is as follows.PDF(.pdf)、Tfas(.tfs,.tfx)、CAPE(.dcc,.dcm)、JWCAD(.jww,.jwc), CADEWA Real(.zdu,.zdx)、Rebro(.reb)

2.Measurement function has been expanded

※Measurement functions are optional. Application is necessary for the use.

(1)It is now possible to display measured values ​​on the screen of Illuminance measurement/Illuminance measurement(Emergency lighting) (iOS/PC)

It is possible to display the measured value beside the measurement point.(Control of display / non-display with button. Also, display / non-display at the time of form output can be set at the time of output.

(2) Measurement points can now be registered at one time.(PC)

・It is possible to collectively register details and plan values ​​of various devices that had to be input to measurement points individually for measurement via csv file.
Also, if the csv contains coordinate information, it is possible to automatically arrange the measurement points.
※ The target measurement form is only air volume / illuminance/illuminance(Emergency Lighting).

(3)Linkage with Testo “Smart Probe” has become possible. (iOS)
It is now possible to link the measured values ​​obtained with Testo Smart Probe products provided by Testo to CheX via Bluetooth.

3.It is now possible to select the date of photography by Excel form output (PC)

4.Supported multi-task function (iOS)

It corresponded to “multitasking” carried in iPad. It is possible to divide the screen and use it simultaneously with other applications.
※ Some apps may not work properly.