Ver2.19 Release

1.In the measurement work, types of reports that can be created have been added!

  This time as the second measurement function
  “Piping Pressure”,”Water Supply / Simultaneous”,”Water Tank Level”,”Pump Capability”,”Noise”,”Air Volume”, “Lightning Needle (JIS A 4201-1992)”,
  “Lightning Needle (JIS A 4201-2003)”,”Insulation (trunk)”,”Insulation (dynamic)”,”Insulation (minute)”,”Grounding (weak)”
     Nine reports were added.


2.A report merging function was added!

 Registered reports of the same type can be output as one report.



3.You can register the header from the measurement regist screen!

 Resist new report screen – set header clicking the set header displays the header setting screen and you can specify the header item.