iOS   2018/11/05

Ver3.6 Release

1.In the measurement work, types of reports that can be created have been added!

    This time as the second measurement function
  “Piping Pressure”,”Water Supply / Simultaneous”,”Water Tank Level”,”Pump Capability”,”Noise”,”Air Volume”, “Lightning Needle (JIS A 4201-1992)”,
  “Lightning Needle (JIS A 4201-2003)”,”Insulation (trunk)”,”Insulation (dynamic)”,”Insulation (minute)”,”Grounding (weak)”
     Nine reports were added.


2.We made possible to link with the Anemometer(AF101)made by ARIA TECNICA

  When you use “Anemometer” with “measurement task” function,
 Cooperated with Bluetooth with a Anemometer(AF101)made by ARIA TECNICA,
 You can enter data directly from the luminometer to the measurement point!



3.You can register the header from the measurement regist screen!

 You can specify the header item in resist new report screen.



4.You can edit registered handwritten memos / stamps!

 Registered handwritten memo editing function (color / line thickness) · Stamp editing function (size / color / date) has been added.



5.You can enlarge or reduce the photo editing screen!

The photo can be enlarged / reduced in the photo editing screen.

※ You can only enlarge / reduce on the editing screen, the saved photos are not in the expanded state.