Windows/Mac install

Operating environment

<Supported OS>
  • ●Microsoft® Windows® 10
  • ●Microsoft® Windows® 11
<System requirements>
  • ●Adobe AIR (If not already installed before the installation, it will be installed simultaneously)
  • ●Encryption protocol TLS 1.2 or more is required for communication to CheX server
  • *When updating to the latest version occurs “Error in content of certificate”
    Error occurs when the certificate granted to the currently used version has expired.
    In this case, we are very sorry to trouble you, but please uninstall CheX currently installed and then install the latest version.
    Also, in order to avoid this error, please update regularly when the latest version is released.

Installing client software

Please install Adobe AIR

If Adobe AIR is not installed or the version is old,
Install the latest version of “AIR runtime including WebKit” from Adobe AIR Downloads.
* Please install “AIR runtime including WebKit” instead of “AIR runtime”.

Please download CheX once Adobe AIR
installation is completed
Please download chex.air file from CheX download.

Double-click the downloaded file, start the installer,
and click the “Install” button
Please click “Continue” button

Please click “I Agree” button

This completes the installation.
A CheX icon will be added to your desktop and CheX will start.
To uninstall, please go the the “Programs and Features”
section of your control panel.

Register Projects

No project will be registered after the installation,
so register projects using the steps below.

Select “Add / delete project” from the startup screen.
Click the “Add” button.
Enter project key / login ID / password
and click the “Add” button.
*You will find the project key in the e-mail
we sent you after completing the user registration.
If the project has been added,
click the “x” button to close the window.

The project has been added.
You are now able to log in and use it.

iOS Install

Operating environment

App Store
■Tablet terminal

<Supported OS>
  • ●iPadOS14, iPadOS15, iPadOS16

<Supported devices>
  • ●iPad


<Supported OS>
  • ●iOS14, iOS15, iOS16
  • ●Android9, Android10, Android11, Android12

<Supported iOS devices>
  • ●iPhone 7 or later (excluding the first generation iPhone SE)

<Supported Android devices>
  • ●pixel4
  • ●pixel4a
  • ●pixel5
  • ●pixel6
  • ●DIGNO BX2
  • ●Rakuten Mini
  • ●AQUOS sense4

Installation of client software

Start the App Store on your iPad or iPhone.
Enter “CheX” into the search field in the upper.
CheX will be displayed, so tap the “GET” button.
Enter Apple ID and password as needed.
The installation will start.
This completes the installation.

Register Projects

Start the installed “CheX”.
Press Add / Remove Project to add a project.
The project registration screen will be displayed.

Enter the project key into the product key line.
*You will find your product key in the mail
we sent when you registered as a user.
Enter the project key and tap the “Add” button.

If you entered the project key correctly,
you will proceed to the confirmation screen.
Please enter your login ID and password to confirm.
If the confirmation is successful, the project will be added.
The project has been added.
Please select a project on the login screen and log in.