For use with “iOS 12”, “iPhone XS”, “iPhone XR”, “iPhone XS Max”

This case has been addressed.

>iOS12 compatible version released


“IOS 12”, “iPhone XS”, “iPhone XR”, “iPhone XS Max” with It is confirmed that the following trouble occurs now.


 – Can not recognize FlashAir™
 – Can not move boundary of file/Folder list
 – In “iPhone XR” or “iPhone XS Max”, the buttons on the photo shoot screen can not be displayed


We are currently dealing with the above.
We will notify you as soon as we have completed our response.
(For OS compatible, various new terminal compatibility,
we may separate release timing depending on availability of real machine)


Please continue to use the updates of OS and “iPhone XS”, “iPhone XR”, “iPhone XS Max” for customer’s discretion
until the release of corresponding version.